Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Freddie Grubb Tandem

Today we started work on getting out 1960s  Freddie Grubb Tandem back on the road. It really doesn't need much doing to it apart from replacing a missing spoke in the rear wheel.  However that’s where the problem starts as the wheel is laced with much thicker spokes than normal.  After much measuring and head scratching we worked out the spokes are 13 gauge single butted (the same size all the way down) instead of the more common, and thinner 14 gauge double butted which are found on modern bikes.  Unfortunately a couple of hours trawling the internet should us that getting these off the shelf was impossible.

However our friend Doug Pinkerton, who is professional cycle restorer  from Redditch has come to our rescue and has promised if he does not have what we are looking for in large stock of old parts will roll us some from longer length spokes.  Hopefully within a few days our tandem will be back on the road.